About Us

Scott Angelius

Founder, Designer, and Developer

Scott has been running competitions since 2006 and has been the head judge, contest coordinator, and tabulator at many of the largest swing dance events in the world. He has been the contest coordinator and tabulator at every year of ILHC. He co-founded Lone Star Championships and was an event director and contest coordinator of Lindyfest. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of ILHC.

Cari Westbrook

Contributing Developer

Cari has been a core competition tabulator at ILHC and Lindyfest since 2013 in addition to many other events. They are the co-founder of The Switch and can be found holding down the late nights of most events they attend.

Jennifer Reed

Competition Coordinator

Since 2015, Jennifer has been a lead tabulator at events such as ILHC, Lindyfest, California Balboa Classic, and Great Lakes Balboa Escape. She is also an event organizer of Hot Rhythm Holiday and California Balboa Classic.

Sydney Abel

Competition Coordinator

Sydney has been a registration and contest coordinator at events such as Hot Rhythm Holiday.

Hiring a Competition Coordinator?

Contact us

Reach out if you are in need of a competition coordinator that has experience with relative placement, the rp-scoring system, and management of competitions onsite.


Supplies when using rp-scoring

  • Internet access. A cell hotspot can suffice, however connection to a wifi is preferred
  • A good printer (the B&W Brother printers are generally cheap and a solid option)
  • Plenty of paper
  • An extra printer ink cartridge
  • Bib numbers
  • Safety pins
  • A box of mechanical pencils
  • Plenty of clipboards

Pre-event planning

  • Communicate the contests, rules, and schedule to the competition team
  • Bring special attention to specific competition details that are unusual
  • Give the competition team access to competition reports or exports from registration. This should include the dancer's:
    • Full name
    • Bib number
    • Lead / Follow role, if applicable
    • Email *
    • Location **

* The dancer's email is optional. Dancers with emails entered will be able to login to rp-scoring.com and check-in to the contests they are competing in. We will never spam your attendees!

** The dancer's location is optional. This can be displayed on the MC and results sheets.

Common onsite workflow

  • Have the registration team assign bib numbers. They should:
    • Record the bib number in the registration system
    • Hand out the bib numbers to the competitors
  • Once registration is closed for a competition, use the registration export and rp-scoring.com import to load the competitors
  • Setup the dance order and print the judges and MC sheets
  • Have competitors check-in
  • Line up the competitors
  • Once the competition round is complete, have judges to submit their scores
  • Double check the scores were entered as the judges intended
  • Review results and announce