Relative Placement Scoring

Relative Placement Scoring

Dance competitions run easily and professionally.

RP Scoring is designed for Lindy Hop, Balboa, Swing, and Blues competitions. You'll be able to easily and confidently run solo, team, partnered, and random partner divisions. Setup your event's competition divisions, import the competitors, and print everything with a push of a button. Results are fully tabulated.

We use relative placement in prelims, semi-finals, and finals - click here to learn more about relative placement and why it's the most fair, accurate, and reliable tabulation system for swing dance competitions.

If you are new to running contests, RP Scoring walks you through the printing and tabulating steps as well as provides tips for using the system and running the contest live so you are set up to successfully run your event.

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Relative Placement Scoring benefits.

Correct results

We have rigorously tested our system. After your judges' results are entered, you'll see the results with a push of a button.

Publish results

After announcing the winners, easily download the results to PDF to publish to your website or print/post.

On your budget

We've run events for years and know the constraints that events face. Our pricing allows both small and large events to take advantage of a professional system.

Step-by-step process and training

Even if you are new to running contests, you'll be able to go through our step-by-step process. We'll help your experienced contest coordinator learn our system in no time, or your newer tabulator get up to speed quickly, so your contests run smoothly.

Quick setup

Setting up your event and competitions are easy. And uploading your competitors allows you to get started in minutes.

Built for success

Our system has been built from the ground up for the biggest competitions in swing dancing with input from some of the most well-respected head judges in swing dancing, Sylvia Sykes and Tena Morales.


We charge $25/contest. We keep the costs low so both smaller weekend events and larger camps can afford and benefit from Relative Placement Scoring.