Release Notes

April 4, 2019

  • Fix error when upload file has extra whitespace
  • Fixed error in timezone on event judges page
  • Allow upload of role to be case INsensitive
  • Added instructions to upload page
  • Added tips to various pages
  • Added view to see judges by competition

March 19, 2019

  • Fix error on downloading PDFs when an event or contest has special characters
  • Fix error when updating an assigned partnership in random partner division
  • After creating a competition or event, user is taken to the details of that competition or event
  • When adding a new judge to a contest, also add that judge to the event
  • Change layout of heats and dance orders page
  • Added highlighting when dance order, scores, or results are entered
  • Added randomize of heats/dance order
  • Added sort of heats/dance order
  • Added error catching when uploading competitors via CSV

February 15, 2019

  • Fix error when creating new competitors; Upload competitors always creates new entries
  • Fixed error on display of lead and follow names when follows are listed first on random partner divisions
  • Alternates are automatically displayed on MC and staff sheets
  • Moved buttons to the top of each page
  • Added feature to add judges to the event and select the judge from a dropdown when adding to a contest
  • Added ability to remove a staff member from an event
  • Added feature to scratch competitor after judges sheets are already printed (keeping them on the scores pages, but removing them from the results pages)
  • Added feature to remove a competitor from a round of a contest
  • Added feature to add an alternate to the next round of a contest
  • Added feature to display finalist info for easy posting online

January 15, 2019

  • Moved competition flow dropdown into breadcrumbs
  • Added option for number of placements to show in placements PDF
  • Added option for number of staff sheets to print
  • Added a print view for a cut sheet in random partner divisions
  • Added creating a zip of all dance orders PDFs
  • Added creating a zip of all results PDFs
  • Added feature to allow users to create account, login, add information to their profile
  • Added feature to give other users a role at the event
  • Added feature to limit what a user can see within an event, based on their role

September, 23, 2018

  • Fix forms to not resubmit on a reload
  • When entering scores, tab and enter can be used to go to the next entry, where any data in that entry is selected
  • Adjust judges sheets to display an intentional blank page when no new competitors in a heat
  • Added feature to display dance orders for all contests
  • Added feature to display all results

August, 28, 2018

  • Fix error when setting up judge sheet PDF
  • Fix display of tie breakers if competitors have the same majority
  • Auto fill results with estimated placements
  • Add login requirements to all secure pages
  • Add judge names to scores PDF
  • Fix error when competitors' names contain special characters